I am 23 years old, also mentoring atBench routes inGoogle Summer of Code, 2021. I currently work atRedhat. Currently I am focused on reactjs and golang. You can find me onGithub, Twitter or Spotify. I am trying to find my I am currently focusing on the internals of ReactJS such asReact Hooks,Fiber, and Reconciliation.

Recommended Talks for ReactJS

  • Windowing in ReactJS

    Speed your React views up by only rendering what the user wants to see. This technique (commonly referred to as "windowing") is easy to integrate into existing views and can provide huge performance gains.
  • Deep dive into React Fiber

    Introduction to React Fiber, the magic behind the reconciliation algorithm.

Recommended Talks for Golang

  • Understanding Channels

    Delve into the inner workings of channels and channel operations, including how they're supported by the runtime scheduler and memory management systems.
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