I'm Aquib Baig. If you have arrived here, I would like to tell you more about myself. I am a full stack web developer. I like to play video games, write code and create awesome applications. I plug in my headphones at work, keeps my distraction free and focused.



  • GSoC mentor
    From a student to now-- a mentor in GSoC, bench-routes.


  • Graduated
    After a year long lockdown, finally got my Bachelor's in computer science.
  • Full time at Redhat
    Full time employee working on UI/UX at distributed-systems-analysis


  • Internship at Redhat
    Got a chance to work as a paid intern in UI/UX at distributed-systems-analysis
  • Student at fossi foundation for gsoc
    My first and successful try at GSoC


  • Runners up at gdg hackfest
    Close second in my first ever hackathon


  • Born
    Dec 28, 1997
withby Aquib Baig
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